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Mark Ballinger

Mark Ballinger
Real Estate Broker

Hi, I'm Mark Ballinger. Unlike most of our staff, I am not a native of North Carolina, but originally from the Sunshine State.

My wife Sandy (married in 1969) and I have loved North Carolina for a long time, and we moved here permanently in 1999. Our roots have become very deep since then, and we will never go back. Jackson County feels more like home than any place we've ever been. We are "empty nesters", with our son, Ed, daughter-in-law Joanna, and grandsons Everett and Baxter living in Evanston, Il.

A disciplined Catholic upbringing and values, and being a part of the 60's generation have given me two very different areas from which to draw for guidance in my business practices - first for many years in the insurance industry, and since 2006 in real estate. I have always tried to put the feelings and goals of my friends and clients above my own, and I have never been afraid to challenge the establishment or status quo. I always try to look for a better way to do just about anything, which would include buying or selling a home.

Sandy and I love to challenge many of the hiking trails in these mountains, and in my "spare" time, I like to play a little golf, build custom furniture, or prepare gourmet meals for friends and family.

I would love to help you find your dream home, or vacation getaway.

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